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Infinite possibilities exist within each body. What differentiates the person that is joyfully living his or her dream and the person who isn’t is vision and action. That’s where Lauren comes in. She helps her clients out of the self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that stifle meaningful movement and block happiness. Lauren works with each individual or group to develop self-esteem, clarity, and the courage to walk along paths of personal fulfillment.

Lauren is a writer, a life coach and a yoga instructor. She firmly believes in the mind-body connection, and in the ability for an improvement in one to benefit the other. Lauren helps her clients to develop the skills they need to make health and happiness easy in a complex world. Some of her clients like to utilize both services while working with Lauren. Others like to work with Lauren in only one context, sometimes in small groups.

Before building a career in wellness, Lauren worked as a hedge fund executive, and she maintains a soft spot for corporate clients. Lauren teaches in many corporate offices and leads one-off wellness events in both multinational organizations and in city start-ups.

Lauren regularly teaches at some of New York's most elite studios including Soho House, Equinox, and Pure Yoga. Lauren leads global retreats and workshops. She graduated with honors from Choate Rosemary Hall and Columbia University, and earned her MSW from NYU.


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Lauren hosts wellness and yoga events on a regular basis and encourages her clients to attend. Events can be a great way to expand your practice and meet new people in a safe (and fun!) environment. If any event is at a private club or has a max listed capacity, please email Lauren directly to be added to the list.

When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.


Contact Lauren directly for private, semi-private or corporate classes.

  • Wednesday

  • 8:45am - 10:0AM

    Equinox - Palos Verdes

  • Thursday

  • 9:00AM - 10:00AM

    Westwood Equinox
  • 5:45PM - 7PM

    Equinox South Bay

* Soon to be teaching at Sweat Yoga in Santa Monica

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.

- Iyengar -


Lauren specializes in teaching in corporate settings. She has many clients in the asset management space. Lauren is happy to provide references from clients at all levels of practice.

Calm minds achieve more. Slow down to speed up.


In addition to yoga, Lauren offers corporate services designed to inspire positive change in other areas of executives' busy lives.

Life Coaching
With over 3000 hours working with individuals, Lauren knows exactly how to help her clients out of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that stifle meaningful movement and block happiness. Lauren works with her clients to develop self-esteem, clarity of vision, and the courage to take action on paths of personal fulfillment. Whether it’s finding a career and job that is satisfying, mending your relationship, dropping excess weight, the work that you do with Lauren will provide inspiration, new tools for living and serious results. Lauren focuses on cultivating self-respect and self-love by demanding honesty, accountability, and communication. She expects her clients to have big dreams and to make progress towards meaningful change. Each coaching program is customized to the individual needs of each person. Lauren’s process is designed for people who are ready to go the distance and achieve the results that they desperately want.
Corporate Yoga Classes
As a former finance executive, Lauren specializes in corporate yoga. Office yoga programs have been proven to help forward-thinking companies boost morale, energy and productivity throughout the day. Lauren understands that each company is unique, and she will work with your staff to create a program that meets the needs of your organization, whether it’s a vigorous morning wake-up, a mid afternoon therapeutic session, or an after-work wind-down.
Lauren has yeas of experience, designing programs for a variety of global institutions. She has headed ongoing office sessions at industry-leading firms as well as one-time special events for a multitude of companies of all shapes and sizes.
Private Yoga Classes
One-on-one training is the most effective way to deepen and personalize your practice. With undivided attention, you can more quickly accelerate your level of understanding and move towards your personal asana goals more quickly.

Lauren will work with you to create a custom yoga practice that meets you where you are, to help meet your goals and individual concerns. Whether you're looking to reinvigorate a longstanding practice or dive onto the mat for the first time, investing in private lessons will create the time and space for you to experience the full benefits of a personalized yoga practice in the privacy of your home.
Lauren is available to consult as an expert for magazines and interviews. Feel free to contact her for issues related to coaching, wellness, and yoga. She writes currently for Men's Journal, 5 Percent, and Aloha.
100 hour Mentorship Program with Lauren Taus at Pure Yoga
The Mentorship program is part of Pure Yoga's advanced 300 hour teacher training program created for yoga teachers who want to improve their teaching skills and grow professionally as teacher. This mentorship program develops 200 hour RYT's (registered yoga teachers) to become experienced and confident, helps them build a clear and precise teaching style, and grants them the ability to teach from the solid foundation of experience and knowledge.
This program is customized for you and specifically designed to range anywhere from 3 to 4 months depending on your curriculum and pace. Because this is an advanced training it is meant to be done over the course of a several months so that you can incorporate and use the information as you go, granting you time to get the most out of the training. Next to a consistent practice, which is required, some of the largest components of the program are mentored hour long meetings for your progress, independent reading and study assignments, and assisting and adjusting Lauren’s classes. For three months you are given a weekly community class at Pure Yoga, which Lauren will use for evaluation and feedback during your mentorship period. Certification is granted to those individuals who fulfill Pure Yoga's 100 hour requirements to the satisfaction of their E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) mentor. The mentorship meetings and your community classes are held at Pure Yoga East. This program counts as 100 hours towards your 300 hour advanced certification through Yoga Alliance. To assure quality and one-on-one attention, Lauren only accepts a maximum of two mentorships per season. Space is limited.



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